Wendy Cottner Union MO

Wendy Cottner from Union, MO

Wendy Cottner is from Union, MO (where she currently resides) and goes by Wendy Anne Cottner as well as Wendy Jewett Cottner. She caused a multi-vehicle accident on I44, near I270, in St. Louis County on the morning of June 12, 2017 that resulted in bumper damage to two other vehicles (excluding her van) and caused the battery of my electric car to fail.

She was driving without liability insurance at the time and was deemed the responsible party by the victims' insurance companies.

Wendy Cottner: An Irrisponsible Driver

Wendy Cottner slammed into a truck that had come to a full stop behind me in heavy morning traffic. The force of her vehicle hitting the truck pushed the truck behind me into my car with enough remaining force to cause cosmetic damage to my bumper and make the electric battery in the back of my car stop charging.

After several days of dealing with everyone's insurance companies, it was discovered that Wendy Cottner, who had shown a valid insurance card and who was deemed responsible for the accident, did not actually have any liability insurance while she was driving that morning.

Her recklessness cost hundreds of dollars and at least a full workday's worth of hours to get my car back to working order. To this day I have received zero compensation from Wendy Cottner.

The Purpose of This Site

People should take responsibility for their mess ups. I get it; nobody is perfect. But Wendy Cottner has made absolutely zero attempts to make this right and the other driver and myself are left to repair our vehicles using our own money or our own insurance. She lied to the police and presented an insurance card when she must have known she didn't currently have car insurance, and that is definitely not right.

If you are a potential employer or creditor to Wendy Cottner, I hope this site gives you pause. I don't think Wendy Cottner is a bad person, but her actions prove she is not a responsible adult and cannot be trusted to own up to her mistakes.

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